Hotel with breakfast. Hotel with evening meal.

The pleasure fest

The Barbarahof in Kaprun.

True, unadulterated. Ingredients direct from the region, with their smallholder structure, to recipes and our philosophy on cooking, where the emphasis is on local delicacies, always daring to see the bigger picture and inspire you with epicurean, exquisite creations from international cuisine.

The pleasure fest

a culinary day begins with the daily breakfast buffet
served from 8.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

  • Farmer´s bread and braided milk from the wook-fired oven from the "Katschner bakery" in Kaprun
  • Bread and pastries, including gluten-free options from "Resch & Frisch"
  • Fresh egg dishes from the BIO Egg - from happy Pinzgauer chicken from the farmer "Hansenbauer"
    in Pfaffenhofen at Saalfelden
  • Selection of yoghurts, fresh cheeses and cheeses from the region "The Pinzgau Milk"
  • Buffet with hams and sausages from our local butcher "Rumpold" and local producers
  • Fresh fruit and home-made fruit-salad
  • Healthy selection including cerealia, nuts and seeds
  • Variety of coffees from "Meinl Coffee" from the espresso machine
  • Large selection of BIO-teas from "Sonnentor"
  • Sweet regional and austrian pastries
  • Premium-Juices from "Rauch"
  • Daily fresh Salzburg herbs from our paradise garden

    * BIO eggs - On the farm of the "Hansenbauer" of the Christoph Gruber familiy in Saalfelden, 750 BIO laying hens are kept in three stalls. The animals have year-round access to the open air, sufficient space in the stalls, shady scarping areas and are of course fed exclusively with organic feed and GMO-free!

With a new kitchen concept

we offer regional and international delicacies in spring, summer and autumn

  • Vibrant salad with a variety of home-made dressings
  • Starters that varies daily
  • home-made soups - very
  • Choice of mains, including meat, fish and vegetarian options
  • regional meat-pruducts from our local butcher "Rumpold" and local producers
  • Warm and cold Dessert variations
  • Cheeses selection including nuts and chutneys
  • Milk-products and cheese form the area from "Pinzgau Milch",
    and local producers
  • Bread and pastries and Gluten-free options from "Resch & Frisch"
  • Daily fresh Salzburg herbs from our paradise garden
  • BIO eggs - On the farm of the "Hansenbauer" of the Christoph Gruber familiy in Saalfelden

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