Rekindling love.

Romantic dinner

In winter-time - The romantic chink of glasses when full-bodied red wine lingers on the palate. And a filet that is so tender it almost melts in your mouth. Candlelight as sumptuous love charm. Sweetening the ambience and the dessert becoming a work of art in the play of light and shadow.

A burning in me.

An eternal yearning. For delicate flavours, a passionate ambience and gentle flavours. When the lights are turned out and everything is like it used to be. That is when your senses are awakened. And with them the taste of the slight peppery note in the Sauvignon blanc, accompanied by the hint of mustard in your salad dressing. Followed by a composition of fresh herbs and pure natural ingredients. Welcome to a sea of candles and feelings during a romantic dinner in the Barbarahof! Bookable only in the "cold season", when we heat up the open fireplace for you.

A surge of feelings.

Those who search, feel. Greater intensity. Greater authenticity and greater originality. Greater tenderness too. In candlelight, corners and edges vanish. Your mood softens, the daily grind is a long way away. And with it today’s treasures push their way to the fore. Crispy fried fish. Crunchy salad and an enchanting table decoration. Not to mention the expressive main course. Curtains up for a big culinary cinema of emotions!

Rekindling and fresh romance by the open fire.

Look into the flames with me, my little one! Let us enjoy ourselves together. Without thinking about tomorrow; sampling the here and now. The flickering eternity of the moment. And the shimmering flair of a wave of emotions. Feeling yourself. And mutual recognition. And the entrée? Fine cuisine by beloved candlelight!

Darkness favours secret feelings.

Private ambience and epicurean intimacy. Brightened up by a sea of flames. In between pleasure-packed moments with olive oil. Or the harmonious nuance of fresh meadow herbs. By candlelight too, the world does not always look bright. Here the kindling of powerful aromas, there the gentle touch of feminine accents in your dessert. Combining to great a blaze of life!

Hotel Barbarahof
The romance-package

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