The realm of cuisine is vibrant.


The realm of cuisine is vibrant. In the restaurant at the Hotel Barbarahof it is fresh above all else. And delicious. And regional. And it is the embodiment of Salzburg, with international one-offs. A snazzy, bubbly cuveé of Alpine cuisine, Mediterranean delights and trendy, healthy cuisine. After all, the art of temptation follows quite simple rules. Anything that tastes great is allowed. Even more so. Something is good when it does you good.

Pleasure in a hotel with restaurant in Kaprun
- in winter -

Like the climate, so too the meals. Aromatic, intensive, with a hint of Alpine exotic and a lot of clarity and directness. Our cooking philosophy might even be described as culinary purism. After all, not everything that is new tastes interesting too. And things definitely don’t taste better the more they are cooked. During our journey into the land of forgotten flavours we combine freshness and regionality. Garnished with trendy highlights and healthy 'long runners'. The result? The main thing is that the food tastes great!

We look forward to receiving your table reservation for your dinner.

  • Dinner - salad buffet with different dressing, variations of starters,  soup, fish, meat and vegetarian food for Alpine Tappas, sweet desserts and cheese selection 
    per person from EUR 45,00, between Christmas 23.12. till the hl. Three Kings day 6.1. EUR 55,00 and for the New Years Eve-Galadîner with program EUR 117,00.
    For hotel-guests only with direct booking with us or booking via our website!
  • For à la carte guests in our Restaurant we offer the evening-meal per person for EUR 55,00, between Christmas 23.12. till the hl. Three Kings day 6.1. EUR 65,00, for the Christmas-Dinner
    EUR 99,00 and for the New Years Eve-Galadîner with program EUR 147,00.

From Break-FAST to Break-SLOW

Go slower. Decelerate. Take the pace down. Anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing start to their day, will be filled with energy. Hence we like to indulge you with an extensive buffet breakfast in our restaurant, from the first to the last second. With a large selection of delicious breakfast creations full of familiar aromas and fresh smells – it is simply about enjoyment.

  • For early-arrivers and for à la carte guests we offer an extensive buffet breakfast incl. fair trade variations from "AFRO-Kaffee" and "AFRO-Kakao", teas from "Sonnentor" and juices from "Rauch" per person EUR 27,00
Hotel Barbarahof

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